Brookies in Lake Michigan Tribs?







Side Profile Photo Courtesy of Jeff Houghton.


We always get more than we expect at our membership meetings; the September 28th meeting was no exception. Professor John Janssen surprised all of us with a 13" Brookie that his students caught while conducting research in the Milwaukee harbor.


What we know so far is that this was one of the stocked Brookies that went into the harbor last fall at a meer 6"; and between then and now it grew 7" to a whopping 13". 


What does this mean? We are not 100% certain; however, if the WI DNR can stock at 6" and get 7" growth in 1 year it's a sign that there is forage for the fish. 


Could this be the long sought return of a native fish to our local waters? Stay tuned in to find out.



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