October 16th Workday

Rosenow Creek Habitat Workday
Saturday 10/16, 9:00AM -12:00PM

Rosenow Creek is a spring feed creek that is located just 29 miles west of Milwaukee's ZOO interchange. SEWTU has had a long history of stream restoration and maintenance work on this creek since the late 1980s. The stream is located on school property and holds a good number of Brook Trout despite heavy fishing pressure. 

The stream has become overly wooded in numerous places with fallen trees/limbs/debris that are substantially damming flow. SEWTU volunteers will be cutting the fallen trees and clearing the dammed areas. Chainsaw work will be included for certified operators. Additionally, a manmade rock dam needs to be cleared from the creek. This workday is a good opportunity to bring friends/family to see what a workday and TU's mission is all about! 

The workday will begin at 9:00 am and continue until noon. It will be followed by our traditional brat fry. Workers are encouraged to bring hip boots or waders, loppers, safety glasses, and work gloves. Please RSVP to Ken Rizzo at riz2337@yahoo.com if you plan to attend this workday. 

For those using a GPS mapping system, we will meet behind Nature Hill Intermediate School at the parking lot at the north end of Lapham Street in Oconomowoc.  

Written directions are as follows:  
1. Take I-94 west out of Metro Milwaukee. 
2. About 11 miles down I-94 exit RIGHT onto Highway 16 toward Pewaukee.  
3. About 15 miles down Highway 16 the freeway will come to an end as you approach Oconomowoc. Just before Oconomowoc exit to the right onto WI Highway 67 N (Bypass).  DO NOT SPEED above speed limit on Highway 67 North Bypass. It is almost constantly patrolled!  

4. Head north on Highway 67 North Bypass - Turn LEFT onto Highway Z.  
5. Take Highway Z west for 0.3 miles. Nature Hill Intermediate School is on your right.
6. Turn RIGHT at 4 way stop onto N. Lapham Street. You are heading North. 
7. Go to the end of N. Lapham St.  There is a small parking lot on your right at the end of N. Lapham.  I will meet you at that parking lot.


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