Advocacy Documents

Trout and Climate Change Presentation - with Narrative Audio (2017)
Trout and Climate Change Presentation - Slides Only (2017)
This presentation was created by the volunteer-run Climate Change Workgroup of the NLC.

Grassroots Guide to Protecting Bristol Bay (2018)
This guide is created for volunteers to learn more about Bristol Bay and the Pebble Mine. It also contains information on how your chapter can help organize efforts to protect this world-class fishery.

Speaking for Trout and Salmon (2000)
The TU member's guide to environmental law and advocacy.

North American Salmonid Policy (1998)
A scientific guide to salmonids and the necessity of conservation.

Activity Planning Worksheet
How to plan a chapter activity, determine needs, and set goals.

Find Your Local Representative
Use this search engine to find your local elected officials

Learn and Engage with Current Advocacy Campaigns
Review and sign on to active advocacy campaigns online.


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